Hotel Leone and the Corona Virus

Firtsly, thank you to everyone who has sent us messages of support during this very difficult time in Italy.  We've been overwhelmed and appreciate it so much.  We hope to see you all when things get back to normal.


These are uncertain times for everyone and especially for hospitality businesses.  If you would like to support us right now you can buy a voucher to put towards a future stay, one of our painting holidays and retreats or any other of the services we offer - a meal, wine-tasting, afternoon tea...the choice is yours and it can be used at anytime when this crisis is over and we'll even add an EXTRA 15% to the amount you purchase to say thank you!  To purchase vouchers click here

You and Your Booking

There is currently a lot of uncertainty around the coronavirus, which is changing daily around the globe, we have already postponed our courses and retreats which were due to take place in early 2020 to later this year or into 2021 and we're constantly reviewing the situation.

Please rest assured that if travel restrictions are in place in Italy and your course cannot run we will do the following:

  • courses/retreats will be postponed to a date most suitable for the tutor, the group and the hotel either later this year or next year
  • you will have the option to transfer to any one of our other courses with inspiring instructors
  • and finally, if none of the above is an option, we will issue you with a credit voucher for future use by you or someone you have transferred it to.  The issuance of vouchers is also in line with Article 88 of the newly enacted Italian (EU) law Decree Number 18 from the 17th March 202 (the "Cura Italia Decree") which allows for the issuance of a Voucher equal to the exact €Euro of deposit funds paid to the establishment instead of reimbursement with the voucher being valid for one year.  We will not, however, be applying this final timerestriction to any vouchers we issue.

If none of the above suits you we can provide you with the necessary documentation to make a claim on your personal travel insurance

Here's the link to our standard Terms & Conditions

For other hotel bookings (excluding courses and retreats), if travel restrictions are in place in italy, we will offer you a transfer to a later date either this year or next year or, alternatively, a credit voucher for future use by you or someone you have transferred it to.

The Corona Virus & Your Safety

We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.  In response to the coronavirus, we will be taking additional measures to ensure your safety.  As our regular visitors know we already have a strict hygiene and disinfection policy of all door handles, light switches, remote controls etc and placing hand sanitisers in all public areas and in each of the rooms.