Montelparo, a small, picturesque, medieval, hilltop town situated 588 metres above sea level, is built of the lovely creamy brick so typical of southern Le Marche.  It has panoramic views to the coast on one side and the spectacular Sibillini Mountains on the other.  

As well as being home to one of only two museums found in Italy which hold a unique collection of antique bicycles, carts, hand carts and trolleys used by local craftsmen, Montelparo has a number of historic buildings dating as far back as the 13th century:

  • Sant'Agostino Monastery built in 1686 with the added church (1730)
  • The Palazzo Communale (18th century) preserving a valuable collection of parchments
  • The church of San Gregorio Magno (1615)
  • The Gothic church of San Michele Arcangelo (13th century) which has three exceptional portals: one Gothic, the other two Renaissance; its interior is full of frescoes from the 1500’s, such as The Crucifixion, The Pieta and The Holy Father (1527)
  • Torre Civica (town tower, 1400)

Montelparo is the perfect base, set mid-way between the sea and the mountains, from which to explore the entire area.

Montelparo Tour - a community initiative created by Hotel Leone.

Take a walk around historic Montelparo. Your tour guide will be English speaking and from the local community. You will be guided around the town to visit churches, museums, crypts and local points of interest. Most of the sights you'll see are inaccessible any other way. The tour takes about two hours and is entirely on foot, but don't worry you stop for coffee at a local bar in town to refresh.