Quilting Retreat with Ana Buzzalino

29th September - 6th October 2020 - more than 4 places available

Course Details

The biggest challenge for a quilter who wants to break from a traditional design or pieced work and try something different and work on an original design is where to start.  Where to find inspiration?  And once found, how to develop it into a theme that could become a body or work? 

In a relaxed atmosphere, and during the course of 5 days, students will explore principles of composition and design that will enable them to translate ideas into fabric pieces.  Work will be done both on a sketchbook using paper and different media, and also using fabric.  Different surface design techniques will be explored during the course of the 5 days.  

I will also cover basic hand-stitching techniques to add interest and texture to your final pieces.  At the end of the class, you will have a set of samples to reference.

The aim will be to produce a small piece of contemporary work (or 2 or 3) using your own inspiration piece.

A kit will be provided and it will include different media for you to try, a set of comprehensive instructions, a set of fabric and threads for hand-embroidery, etc.

About Ana

Ana Buzzalino is a fiber artist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, sewing has been a part of Ana's life from an early age. When Ana move to Calgary, Canada in early 1986, while walking down the street, she saw a “blanket” on a window and went into the store to enquire about purchasing it. She was told that it wasn’t for sale, but that she could learn how to make her own. She signed up for a beginner’s quilting class that same day, and she never looked back. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Ana has been a teacher on a variety of quilting techniques for the past 30+years.  Her present focus is on Art Quilts, incorporating different elements for surface design.   Ana has worked hard to become a established and renowned fiber artist and her quilts have been juried into local, national and major international shows where they’ve won several awards. 

Ana is also a painter and in the last few years she’s worked to introduce painting into her work by different methods. 

Ana spends time in her studio and she’s always working on a new piece.  Her work is always evolving.  Her current work is inspired by the old wooden grain elevators which were a common sight while travelling through Alberta. Fewer grain elevators remain today, so she has taken several photography trips to document these buildings before they completely disappear.

In addition to teaching for quilt and textile groups, and guilds all around Canada, Ana has taught in Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, and in the United States.  She has published numerous articles in Quilting Arts Magazine and her art has been on the cover of American Quilter Magazine and three times on Quilting Arts Magazine.  Ana is a frequent contributor to Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilting Arts TV. Her work has also appeared in the American Quilter’s Society Magazine, in A Needle Pulling Thread, and in Modern Patchwork, as well as in 101 Patchwork Projects and Quilts and Quilt Scene. Ana has also worked on 2 workshop DVDs with Interweave/F&W.

Visit Ana's website here: www.anabuzzalino.com

Prices start from €1,765 per person which includes the following:

  • All tuition fees
  • Bespoke quilting kit 
  • 7 nights luxury accommodation in spacious en-suite rooms - see our rooms here
  • all meals including breakfast, lunch and evening meals
  • delicious local house wine with lunch & dinner
  • 5 days quilting tuition
  • local transportation: transfers to and from either Ancona airport or Pedaso station or bus stop*
  • dedicated studio with access to 2 sewing machines
  • Full day “Taste of Le Marche” excursion (includes visit to local cheese producer, olive oil producer and vineyard with tours and tastings)
  • WIFI

*On the day of arrival we organise pick up times based on the groups arrival times either into Ancona airport or at the local train or coach stops. 

We will do our very best to make sure nobody has to wait for too long but please be aware we will be picking up other members of the group whose arrival times may not necessary coincide perfectly with your own and we ask for your patience.

If you are arriving at a time that really doesn’t tie in with the group or arriving a day or so earlier we can arrange for a taxi to pick you up.   The cost of a taxi is in the region of €150.  If there is anybody else arriving doing the same we will arrange it so that you can share the transport costs.

Similarly for departure, for retreats the rooms are to be vacated by 10:00 on the morning of departure.  Departure time will be set based on the majority of the group.  Again we will do our very best to accommodate everyone.